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We are Your Health Partner
Business Partner and Lifestyle Partner

Unique Opportunity
Partner.Co features an award-winning, industry disruptive, multiline Compensation Plan – a fifty-fifty split commission structure – and guarantees BrandPartner’s protection, inclusion and profit sharing with a “Bill of Right”.

8 Ways to be paid

1.Retail Profits

2.New Volume Bonus

3.Base Commissions

4.Pay Line Bonus

5.Income Position Bonus

6.Saving Bonus

7.Matching Bonus

8.Business Rewards

Company Facts

• 280 Million USD Sales in 2022

• Available in over 50 Markets

• Award-Winning Science-Based Products

• Award-Winning Compensation Plan

• Award=Winning Multilingual Website

• Multilingual Customer Service

• Multilingual, Experienced Management

• True Protected Partnership

• Partner Rewards

• Luxury Trips & Travels

• Cash Saving Program

• Philantropy Thraough Partner.Co Giving

• Debt Free

Our Products are Garanteed, Tested and Proven with a 360° Approach to Help You Live a Happier, Healthier Life
Health & Wellness, Nutrition, Weight Management, Beauty, Home Care, Vitamins & Supplements, Liquid Superfoods, Energy, Sport Performance, Skin Care, Cosmetics, Beauty Supplements, Bath & Body, Hair Care, Water & Air Filtration, and More!

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ARIIX is expanding worlwide and we are looking for motivated people to join the business.
ARIIX est en pleine expansion dans le monde entier et nous sommes à la recherche de personnes motivées pour rejoindre l’entreprise