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Easy to use strips which measure the amount of ketones in your urine.

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Most cells in your body can use fat for energy, but your brain cannot. The brain needs ketones in order to survive when glucose is running low, and this is one reason why ketones exist.

When ketone levels start to rise, a simple test can detect them in the blood, breath or urine. The most popular and convenient way to test for ketosis, are Ketone test strips for unrinalysis.

While in ketosis, your body also makes an abundance of ketones. Ketone test strips are a convenient and easy way to determine whether your body is in ketosis.


Step 1

Remove one strip from the bottle and replace the cap immediately. IMPORTANT: Strips must be sealed to protect it from humidity

Step 2

Test your first and second urine sample of the day.

Step 3

While holding the strip, immerse the reagent area of the strip (the part with the absorptive pad in the urine sample and remove immediately.

Step 4

Shake off the excess urine.

Step 5

Compare the colour of the ketone test strip to the test chart on the bottle. Match the test strip colour with the chart and record your results.

Step 6

Read the test results carefully within 40 second in a well-lit area.

Step 7

Changes in colour that appear after 60 secondsare of no diagnostic significance.

Step 8

Discard used test strips.

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