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Bracing peppermint and white camphor join with birch and wintergreen, essences that act to cool and soothe sore muscles. Black pepper oil stimulates blood flow, while key ingredients penetrate to reach deep muscle pain.

Cools and Soothes

If your muscles tighten as they heat up, the oil of white camphor, wintergreen, and peppermint in this blend bring down the temperature on contact.

Relaxes Muscles

Natural properties in birch, German chamomile, and essential oils of the mint family soothe the body's response to overexertion by calming muscles and restoring movement.

Calms Anxiety

Ice finds the stress that tends to settle in the neck, shoulders, and lower back, penetrating deeply and dissolving knots.


Enhance your wellbeing with this relaxing blend. Natural essences gently promote tranquility and peace so you can leave the pressure of daily to-do lists behind.

Impact Ingredients

  • Birch
  • Peppermint
  • Wintergreen
  • White Camphor

Supports Ingredients

German Chamomile

Black Pepper


Topical Use

Rub a few drops of Ice directly onto affected joints and muscles for cooling relief.


Add a few drops of Ice to Priime Fractionated Coconut Oil to create a cooling massage oil for tense muscles and aching joints.


Mix a few drops of Ice to warm or cool water to create a compress when added to a cloth. Apply to aching joints and muscles, reapplying with fresh water and additional Ice as the compress comes to skin temperature.

For Children and Sensitive Skin

Mix one drop of Ice with five drops Priime Fractionated Coconut Oil, or according to essential oil instructions, prior to application on the skin.

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