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October 2, 2021

Loosing weight smartly with slenderiiz

If you are a reader of medical summary papers, loosing weight with slenderiiz may be of interest for you. I am sure you came across the statement from diabetes specialists that we're in the midst of the obesity and diabetes epidemic and it is getting worse.

What is diabetes

Diabetes cause people to have too much glucose in their blood, but we all need some glucose. It is what gives us our energy. We get glucose when our body break down the carbohydrate we eat, or drink and this glucose is release in our blood. We also need a hormone produced by pancreas called insulin. It is insulin that allow glucose to enter our cells and fuel our body.

How is glucose used?

When you don’t have diabetes, your pancreas knows when glucose is added to the blood stream. It then releases the right amount of insulin, so the glucose can get into your cells. But if you have diabetes, this system does not work. In type 1 diabetes, you cannot make any insulin and in type 2 diabetes, is not enough or is not effective. In both cases because glucose cannot get into your cells, it starts to accumulate in your blood. When this happens, the insulin level in the blood also start to rise because your body continue to believe that there is not enough insulin to break down the glucose.  

Consequence of to much glucose in the blood

Too much glucose in your blood combined with uncontrolled insulin causes a lot of different problems starting with unusual amount of weight around our middle, our blood pressure goes up, cholesterol goes up especially the very bad cholesterol. Loosing weight with slenderiiz can help.

What is prediabetes

Prediabetes is a warning sign that your blood sugar level might be higher than usual, but not high enough for type 2 diabetes. According to Dr. Strand, prediabetes is a constellation of problems that occur when we become less sensitive to our own insulin. This is also called insulin resistance.


Specialist in Nutritional Medicine


In the US and Canada 25% of all adults have metabolic syndrome and another 25% are in the early stage of developing the metabolic syndrome

Prediabetes is seen as a metabolic syndrome but in fact it is our modern-day epidemic. It is the result of poor lifestyle such as eating habit and lack of exercise. It is therefore very apparent prediabetes is the result poor unhealthy lifestyles make us less sensitive to our own insulin.

What is the Slenderiiz Program

Why loosing weight with Slenderiiz is important

According to Dr. Strand, since prediabetes and obesity is the result of poor lifestyles, it only makes sense that firmly establishing healthy lifestyles that improve insulin sensitivity. This is the foundation of the ARIIX’s weight management program with Slenderiiz and Nutrifii. This is literally the first step therapy, which means giving a try of healthy lifestyles before prescribing drugs.

Of course, ARIIX Slenderiiz programme is a weight management program, but it is also a very healthy lifestyles program.

What is healthy lifestyles

Healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet. That means, eating low-glycemic carbohydrates that do not spike the blood sugar, together with healthy fats and healthy proteins. The Slenderiiz program is based on these principles.

The medical literature shows that if you start to eat this way and don’t spike your blood sugar, you can easily start to improve your insulin sensitivity 

Dr. Ray D. Strand // Specialist in Nutritional Medicine

Healthy lifestyle also means exercising. The medical literature shows that if you are simply active, you can significantly improve your insulin sensitivity. They recommend 30 minutes of modest aerobic activity per day, 5 days a week. You can walk, bike, swim, without trying to be a super star.

How slenderiiz program work

Low-glycemic meal

The Slenderiiz program first teach you how to eat low-glycemic meal. By doing that, your blood sugar goes up, but it does not overstimulate the release insulin. ARIIX has developed PureNourish has a low-glycemic meal replacement. PureNourish combines proteins derived from plants, enzymes, probiotics, and natural sugars into a formula that is designed to enhance digestion and optimal nutrient absorption. This product will not spike your blood sugar.

Cellular nutrition

It is important to give your body optimal levels of micronutrients such as vanadium, chromium, magnesium, selenium, vitamin E, and vitamin C to improve insulin sensitivity. All these micronutrients are present in ARIIX Optimals (Optimal M&V) and are provided to the body cells at optimal or advanced levels.

ARIIXs Weight Loss System (Slenderiiz and Xceler8)

Slenderiiz is a homeopathic drug containing 10 different ingredients. Six (6) of them increase fat release from your fat cells (Fat loss). Others two (2) suppress your appetite and others two (2) increase your metabolism. Xceler8 contains high dose of vitamin B12 for increased energy and metabolism along with biotin and ayurvedic herbs.


ARIIX’s weight Management System is not a diet but a lifestyle consisting 4 steps:

  • Health diet – That does not spike your blood sugar (PureNourish)
  • Modest exercise
  • ARIIX Optimals
  • ARIIX Slenderiiz plus Xceler8

Weight loss is GREAT, however, keeping it off is PRICELESS.

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